​The Department of the Battle Guard and Defense

Department of The Battle Guard and Defense

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The Pentagon

Agency Overview

Owner of Pentagon Building: Government of New Bacon

Jurisdiction: The Government of New Bacon and The Mystical Council

Headquarters: The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, New Bacon

Secretary(Minister) of Defense: ​Unnamed, (Rep) Exotic Lemon

Employees: 1,803,789(New Bacon Military) 605,700(Civilian) 777.977(National Guard) 11,780,456(The Mystical Council)

The Department of the Battle Guard and Defense is an excutive department and a Mystical Council agency that is merged with the governments of New Bacon and The Mystical Council. The Minister(Secretary) of Defense is elected worldwide by The Mystical Council rather than appointed by the New Bacon President. The agency is responsible for raiding and defending operations of The Battle Guard. The R/D operations are in nationstates with other regions. The merger happened when Star Wars Battlefront and Varangian Guard merged to form The Battle Guard and then The Mystical Council adopted the agency as its official military by law.  Click below if you want to register for the Battle Guard. (Nationstates Game users only) all others will be invalidated. 

Registration and Requirements

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Requirements Per Battle Guard Policy for Rankings