New Bacon

The United Provinces of New Bacon or commonly just known as New Bacon is an affluent, influential Federal Republic consisting of 51 provinces and a Federal District located in the Mystical Council Region. New Bacon's capital is Washington, DC and its largest city is New Bacon City. New Bacon also has a Growing GDP as well. The provinces in New Bacon have much powers that include naming of mountains(Unless land owned by New Bacon Gov't) and provincial legislatures drawing the federal congressional boundaries. 

The United Provinces of New Bacon

Official New Bacon Flag (2015)


Seal of New Bacon(verynew)


New Bacon Map

Map of Contiguous New Bacon

Location:  The Mystical Council

Population: 5.837 Billion Approximate

Capital: Washington, D.C., UPNB

Largest City: New Bacon City, New York, UPNB

Official Language: None at Federal/National Level

Demonym: New Baconian

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

- Executive: Tycho Climaco
- Vice Executive: Christian DuBroc
- Speaker of the House: Phillip Bell
- Chief Justice of New Bacon: Teresa Lewis


Senate: Upper House
House of Commons: Lower House

Founded: May 8, 1763

Land Area: 5.987 million mi sqd (Ranked 1st in TMC)

GDP: $217,822,407,400,985.88 (as of now)

GDP per Capita: $37,317.53 

Currency: New Bacon Dollar $NBD

Drives on the: Right

Dialing Code: +2

Official New Bacon Flag (2015)

New Bacon Flag has the quote, "Quinquaginta Unum Provincias" which means 51 Provinces.

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