Commonwealth Flag

Capital: Sitka

Largest City: Anchorage

Largest Metro: Anchorage Metro Area

Governor: Anta Logoman
Legislature: Yukona Commonwealth-State Assembly
Number of New Bacon Representatives: 2
​Time Zones
  • Yukona-Hawaii  UTC -9
  • Aleutian  UTC +14
  • West Aleutian Time Zone UTC+13


The Commonwealth-Province of Yukona is a Province that is located in the northwest extrimity of the continent of North America. Yukona entirely borders the country Canada to the east and is the largest Province by land area in New Bacon. It is over half of the size as the lower 48 of New Bacon. Yukona is divided into 17 boroughs. Yukona's capital Sitka has the largest land area in the country of New Bacon. Sitka is a consolidated city-borough. Yukona is the only known Province to use the name "The Commonwealth Flag" for its flag.